The Best Piñatas

Planning a party with a special theme? Piñatas add excitement and a photo centerpiece that make your party memorable and extra fun. All sizes, occasions, and themes available. Free pickup on Bainbridge Island. Get the details here.

Party Games Brought Right to your Door

Want to keep the fun going from start to finish? Have a set of backyard carnival games delivered right to your house, and we’ll pick them up when your guests go home. Can’t get any easier than that! (Only available on Bainbridge Island & nearby.) Get the details here.

Party Packages Make it Extra-Easy

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Party packages available for Bainbridge Islanders. Packages include a piñata, games, decorations, and favors, dropped off at your door before the party. Get the details here.

Beautiful Betty Confetti

Betty Confetti is a new project from the people at Whata Piñata! Betty’s cooking up all sorts of fun and creative projects you’ll love, from English party crackers to custom jigsaw puzzles. Available for purchase online, or free pickup/delivery on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Mail Order Crackers and Gifts

Bring the fun with English party crackers that dazzle and surprise. Our crackers are simply the best; they pop easily every time, contain the most fun stuff, and always include delicious premium sweets.

We make every cracker in our Bainbridge Island, Washington shop, and make or source the best filler.

What’s inside? The classic crown, snap and joke, always. But then we take it up a notch and include delicious fair trade chocolates, creamy caramels, and an assortment of carefully chosen prizes and games created with sustainability in mind, no plastic toys.

Ask about vegan candy options.

Without Adding Extra Plastic

Our specialty is paper, cardboard, fabric, and wood-based construction. Most other favors and party prizes are all plastic. Think about that; plastic prizes are cheap when you buy them, but expensive to get rid of. Little plastic toys might be used for five minutes, and then spend a hundred years in a landfill. (*Note: some items have a small amount of plastic trim, such as ribbon, for example. We will gladly make anything you like 100% plastic-free upon request. We even make our own glue, completely plastic-free. And we always work to use little or no plastic, every time.)

Whether your celebration is a big bash or an intimate family gathering, birthday party or wedding, this is where you find an extra special touch your friends and family will remember with a smile.

Shop by Event

Custom projects and palettes are always available.

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