Hearts n Stripes Wedding Favor


A gold cracker with a bit of shine on the striped center, capped at both ends with a sweet gold heart pattern.


All the elegance of gold shimmers in this wedding favor.

This Hearts n Stripes wedding favor is a beautiful cracker with gold stripes and a gold heart patterned paper at the sides that is handmade in our studio. Tied with a silver ribbon, this fun design says classic and contemporary at the same time.

As unique wedding favors, Betty’s crackers make for great gifts and décor on the table for your reception or rehearsal. Each cracker is filled with little gifts chosen with sustainability in mind that will add interest and a special detail to the party for your guests.

What’s Inside?

All crackers include

a snap
paper puzzle and pencil
wedding buttermint
confetti packet
a sprinkling of watercolor paper hearts
and a delicious premium Seattle Chocolate champagne truffle (other flavors available on request.)

In addition, you can choose a keepsake gift to include in your cracker at no extra cost! Keepsake options include:

heart key bottle opener
kissing bell
plantable seed paper hearts
custom button
wood confetti
soft wooly hearts
origami paper cranes

Include a custom message from the couple at no extra charge. Add a nametag for 25 cents per piece, we’ll print and attach the names for you. Nametags for this design are round tags, tied on with the ribbon on the left side of the favor.

We’re always here for you, contact us with questions, ideas, and inspiration! Here’s how to reach us.

Are you familiar with Christmas crackers?

They’re a holiday staple familiar to all British families. (Martha Stewart gives a pretty good example here.)

Betty Confetti’s crackers are a new take on an old tradition, making crackers themed especially for weddings.

Betty Confetti crackers can be personalized so they double a place card. Once opened, crackers are excellent conversation starters, setting the tone for a memorable, fun party.



All the elegance of gold shimmers in this cracker, with a classic heart design at each side. Tied with a silver ribbon, this fun design says classic and contemporary at the same time.

Pop it open to find an assortment of surprises. Contents include a premium Seattle Chocolate champagne truffle, buttermint, wedding puzzle page, a custom note from the couple, and a prize. Prize options include kissing bells, key bottle-openers, confetti packets, plantable heart seeds, felt hearts, wooden heart confetti, and custom pins. Maybe even pieces of a puzzle?! We’ll work with you to curate just the right mix of gifts in your cracker.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 2 in
My Keepsake Choice:

Origami Paper Cranes, Kissing Bells, Key Bottle Opener, Plantable Heart Seed Paper, Wooden Love Table Confetti, Woolly Hearts


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